The Clansman Show

Shows can be held throughout the year by appointment only. With plenty of notice we can accommodate most days and times. Shows can be held for a minimum of 8 people. Check out our Facebook page for shows currently available

The show lasts for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour and will include a male and female member of the audience having the opportunity to be dressed in the traditional Feilidh Mhor and Arisaid (women's plaid). Our presenter, usually dressed in the Feilidh Mhor, explains how families ate, lived and survived in the Highlands in days of old, he will take you through the clan system and local culture, demonstrates the Highland dress (all the mysteries of kilt, plaid and tartan) and teaches you the art of killing or maiming, using ancient weapons.

This is no boring history lesson but an entertaining, interactive and informative experience.

The show is currently only available in English but we are happy for guides to translate.

If you wish to book a show please get in touch.

Clansman Centre
Getting Dressed

The Clansman Centre,
Fort Augustus,
Loch Ness,
PH32 4BD

Tel: 01320 366 444


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