Lion Rampant Mug

These vibrant Scottish ‘Lion Rampant’ China mugs will look good in any kitchen

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A set of these china mugs will add a touch of Scotland and colour and charm to any kitchen table. The ‘Lion Rampant’ depicted on this Scottish China mug represents the unofficial national flag of Scotland. The design on the mug is in the style of 9th Century ancient Celtic manuscripts which would have been painted by monks onto vellum or calf skin. This unofficial national flag shows the ‘Lion Rampant’ and it is referred to as the ‘Royal flag of Scotland’. Historically this flag is the property of the royalty. Today it belongs to Queen Elizabeth as there is no Scottish King or Queen. The name ‘lion rampant’ refers to the attitude of the lion – the lion is shown standing upright ready for action. Some say this ‘Lion Rampant’ is the perfect symbol of Scottish pride. A freshly brewed tea or coffee from these Scottish china mugs taste great and is the perfect way to get yourself into action for the day ahead.

Capacity 380ml/13fl oz